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Richfield, Stop Clowning Around; STOP CRUEL CIRCUS!

Kelly Miller and other circuses routinely use animals such as elephants that are torn from their mothers in the wild, beaten into submission, "trained" with bull hooks and regularly live in the most unnatural conditions -- not to mention being subjected to dangerous transportation conditions. It's time circus ring leaders got the message loud and clear: the circus is bad business. Please sign and cross post and send a message to those businesses and politicians DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDING TO ANIMAL CRUELTY by allowing Kelly Miller to come to town. Thank you!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Richfield, Ohio Trustees
    Laurie Peters-Gilmore; Dave Wyatt, Janet Jankura; Laura Pinney
  • Mayor of Richfield
    Richfield Mayor
  • Summit County Council Member
    Nick Konstandaras
  • Various members; also may call 330-659-3300
    Richfield Chamber of Commerce

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