Save Princetown Wetlands

Save Princetown Wetlands

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Petition to
Richard Wynne (Minister for Planning)

Why this petition matters

Dear Minister Wynne,

The proposed Montarosa large-scale resort development at Princetown is totally inappropriate for this site on a flood prone area in a nationally significant wetland. Given the increasing climate extremes we know will impact our coastal areas we are asking that this decision be reviewed and preferably reversed. 

Its conditional approval sets a very bad precedent for coastal planning in Victoria. 

This planned resort on the floodplain of the Gellibrand River estuary:

  •  is contrary to the agreed vision for Princetown described in the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan;
  • will alter the hydrology of the area;
  • would impact on rare and threatened wildlife and ecological communities;
  • requires sewerage to be trucked from the resort to who-knows-where.

Since conditional approval of the resort, Victorian coastal planning has been strengthened. This should now apply to this project.

As the responsible Minister, can you give an undertaking that Montarosa’s reports and management plans are assessed by relevant experts, against these new strategies and legislation?   

We look forward to your response.

11,334 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!