It’s not a carnival, it’s a home!

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The Bass coast councillors have voted to submit an amendment to the planning scheme C153. This will be the mechanism that will allow them to place a public acquisition overlay on our property and acquire the land for public use. They need to have this approved by the minister for planning. We ask you to deny the amendment to the planning scheme and protect individuals from the council just taking their land. The land owners are 76 Y/o and applied to build a dwelling on their property. As their life long business has been travelling Australia to supply amusements to Agriculture shows as members of the Showmans guild of Australia they have never lived in a permanent location. They wanted to build a house for their old age to retired on the property they have owned and operated a business on for 26 years. The council approved the building permit then 1 month later gave notice to purchase the land with the threat of not selling that the property would be taken by compulsory acquisition. This has caused enormous stress and delayed the build of their house and subsequent retirement. If the amendment is successful the owners will own no other property and have to start again. This will displace 3 families!