Lower Math SL TZ1 and TZ2 Grade Boundaries

Lower Math SL TZ1 and TZ2 Grade Boundaries

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This petition urges you to consider the circumstances of IB students who wrote the final Math SL TZ1 and TZ2 examinations.

Changes in assessment reflect changes in the educational landscape and what is demanded from students; there is no issue as to why such changes must occur. However, if such changes are met without proper communication to those that are vetted by the IBO to produce these resources, I can't help but think that the IBO is doing a huge disservice to its students.

The Mathematics HL and SL papers this year were significant departures from your past IB exam patterns. If you so significantly change the way you assess students for knowledge and understanding, shouldn't you ensure that instructor are equipped with ample resources to ensure that students are prepared for exams? 

The grade boundaries for IB mathematics need to be lowered significantly. I hope the IB takes appropriate action to ensure fair assessment of its students.