Give Oliver who has autism, severe learning disability and epilepsy the right to education and care.

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Our son Oliver is 18 and has missed out on specialist education and care for 15 months. He suffered a terrible breakdown in January 2013. He was hitting his whole body with great force constantly in distress, fear and anger. From this moment on a whole nightmare unfolded as he described to us that he had been inappropriately touched by a teacher at his special school.

The police came to interview but Oliver was in so much distress, he was unable to give evidence as to what had happened to him. They assured us that further interviews would be carried out. This never happened. They went into the school but didn't question the alleged teacher and they decided not to suspend him pending further investigation.

Oliver has been vomiting up to 5 times a day since April 2012 due to ongoing anxiety. Throughout 2013 he paced constantly, his head locked back and eyes rolled back, shoulders high up in complete tension. He was suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress) which culminated in him being rushed to hospital with status epilepticus. The doctors said his behaviour was partly behavourial due to what he had gone through and partly the epilepsy. It is the most heartbreaking thing to witness this in your child, it was like he was in psychosis. We were and continue to feel devastated and helpless.

Health, Child & Adolescent Mental Health, the police and the local authority continue to close their doors on our son, ignoring the underlying problem of whatever abuse went on. We are asking Hertfordshire Local Authority to give Oliver a 24 hour curriculum in our local independent specialist college with speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, epilepsy healthcare and psychological support but they have refused and want him in the local mainstream college and a residential home. 

Please support us to get the help that our son needs. Thank you so much.

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