Allow David Lamb to keep his amazing display!

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David Lamb for years has been putting up an amazing Christmas lights display that is synced with a radio station's tunes. He continues to do so to honor his wife. The neighbors decided they wanted to complain because they simply do not like the display. 

David Lamb has been living in his home for years and shouldn't have to change simply due to his neighbors not liking the attraction of his display. The town 'most elite' shouldn't get to crush his display.

It simply brings joy to many people's face and everyone should come together and talk about things as a community instead of acting like a child and running to the police because they simply do not like it. If they have a problem, simply knocking and chatting with the man might help you out. Trying to create rules to just ruin his display is heartbreaking.

Charlestown, Rhode Island and all of Rhode Island should defend this man's hard work. He does it so everyone has something to enjoy and that is not an easy nor cheap task. It's a way he honors his wife's memory. To take that away is to take away something not only great to him but great to the rest of us.