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Petitioning Arizona State Representatives Cecil Ash (602-926-3160) and 15 others

Revisit and Approve AZ HB2648- HB2521 (New bill number for the new year)

This bill, if passed into law, would reinstate incentives for inmates to earn early release credits for good behavior. Early release incentives are a very strong motivator for good behavior and that inmate's willingness to comply is often predictive of how he will perform upon release.
Currently, inmates must serve 85% of their sentences regardless of whether they were convicted of a nonviolent crime, regardless of whether it was first offense, and regardless of whether they have been a model prisoner.
This bill would allow inmates with a nonviolent, non-dangerous conviction to earn reduced time down to 66% of their sentence for good behavior and approved program participation, with the remainder of their sentence being spent under community supervision after release. Most inmates are going to be released eventually, but the evidence shows that they have a much better chance of successful reentry with a longer community supervision period that helps them remain stabilized and stay on track after release.

Taxpayers annual cost to imprison one person in Arizona is approximately $22,800. With over 40,000 inmates currently incarcerated in the state, almost a billion dollars is being spent at a time when states are struggling, and failing, to balance their budgets. In the end, it is the taxpayer that suffers the most. Something has to be done. Changes have to be made. HB2648 offers part of the solution. If only 5% of the eligible inmates qualified for early release under the bill, taxpayers would save in excess of 45 million dollars per year!
Furthermore, as demonstrated by their qualification for release, these individuals have shown that they are prepared to reenter their communities as productive, tax paying members of society.

The individuals that sign with their electronic signatures respectfully request Arizona legislators to revisit and approve HB2648. We urge you to give this bill the attention it merits at the upcoming legislative session.

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