Reverse Carleton's Decision to End Field-Placement with Police and Prison Organizations

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On Tuesday August 11, 2020 Carleton University announced the cesation of placing Criminology and Criminal Justice students in 22 field-placement positions with the police and prison organizations in Ottawa.

This decision will ultimatley cut ties between Carleton's Criminology department and: Ottawa Police, the RCMP, Correction Services Canada, as well as local prisons like Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC).

No students were consulted prior to making this decision, although it limits their career opportunities, and work experience.

In the past, these positions have allowed students to witness the disadvantages that marginalzied groups face with their own eyes. Coming to grips with this, many students have gone on to positivley influence these organizations. Ultimatley, it is important to continually filter educated students into these workplaces, as they are tremendously influencial in the criminal justice system, and will continue to be for years to come.

It is my hope that Carleton will rethink this decison for the 2021-2022 school year, and allow students opportunities to work with these organziations. Our stundents deserve a chance to connect with these systems, as they remain major facets of our criminal justice system.