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Reunite Bi Rahlan and her children with their Montagnard family in the US!

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The Montagnard people are the indigenous peoples of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, they befriended and helped US soldiers. Because of this, they are considered traitors by the Vietnamese Government, and because many practice Christianity, they are targeted for persecution and death.

Bi Rahlan's husband, Don Ksor, was one of these Christian leaders who was targeted for death by the Vietnamese government. They decided he would need to escape Vietnam with their two older children, Son and Tuong, but they knew their two youngest children, Luk and Ka, were too little to try to escape through the dangerous Vietnam jungles, so Bi decided she would stay behind with them.

Don, Son, and Tuong were able to make it to Cambodia, where the US Embassy allowed them to enter the US with just a VISA. It has been about 6 years since they have seen each other, and now Bi, Luk, and Ka have finally escaped to Cambodia! They are trying to get permission to come to the US on just a VISA, which has been allowed in the past, and be reunited with their family currently residing here in North Carolina!

If the US Embassy in Phnom Penh turns down their request, Bi will be deported back to Vietnam where she will receive a minimum 10 year prison sentence or possibly the death penalty, and we don't know what will happen with the children!

Please help us reunite this Montagnard family!! They are a loving, faithful, hard working people! Don Ksor still leads Bible study and worship in his community, and it is important that he have his family whole again!

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