Reunite 18 year old boy Ill from LYME, with his Childhood Cat his Dad is keeping from him.

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3 years ago at age 15 my beautiful son Hunter became ill with Lyme Disease and Brutal Co Infections including Bartonella (Trench Fever).

He is still battling these today and his biggest wish has been to get his childhood cat "Coco" we rescued at 10 days old when Hunter was age 5, back from his biological dad who stole her and moved away after our marriage of many years ended when Hunter was 12. Hunter has never been treated nicely by his dad and even though he is is biological father, he does not participate in any way to his treatment or healing and has had NO CONTACT at all for over 5 years. For the past 3 years Myself, Hunter and Hunters sister Chloe have been trying to get "Coco" back for Hunter from his dad, however his dad refuses, never showing any sign of compassion or sympathy for his son who is gravely ill.

As Hunters Mother, I am starting this petition to help gather signatures to bring to court and show to the judge that what Hunter's dad is doing is inhumane and for him to make the legal decision to force Hunter's dad to give him ''Coco" back so she can be his companion animal and help him heal and bring him comfort from a potential fatal and harsh disease. Please share this petition with as many as you can so we can get as many signatures as possible to show the Washington State Judge all the support Hunter has.I appreciate each and every person that signs this and I pray for final Victory for my son to be reunited with "Coco" and for him to regain his health 100%. My prayers are with all who are suffering from dreadful LYME and all those Chronically Ill. God Bless! - Diana XO

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