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For years the BLM has rounded up wild horses from ranges that in the 1970's was promised to wild horses and burros in Nevada and surrounding South Western states. The numbers of wild horses still running the open range has been drastically reduced by the BLM mainly because of pressures from ranchers. It has gotten to the point now that the BLM is refusing to allow wild horses on public land at all other than a few select heards. Despite the fact these ranges were and still are protected by law for wild horses and burros, the BLM has manipulated the facts and lied to remove them. The BLM is now saying that it cant afford to keep and feed the horses they have previously and continue to take from there native lands, and are repeatedly trying to euthanize them. They were stopped by the people of Colorado, but it is only a matter of time if we dont do something now to force the BLM to release them!

It is time to stop the government from ignoring laws in order to make a few bucks. The lies and murder of these native Nevadens must stop! These lands belong to the horses and the BLM must be forced to follow the laws in place to protect these magnificent animals.

For more information on these atrocities to nature, misuse of our public lands, and the blatent disregard for our the laws by the BLM and the Dept of the Interior. Please take a look at the following 6 part documentary.

Please sign my petition to stop the killing of our nations wild horses and demand the BLM return the horses to the ranges protected by law for them!       

In addition to this petition please write the BLM, and your congressmen now!



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U.S. House of Representatives
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President of the United States
This petition is to voice the public's wishes in regards to the wild horses, and to persuade the BLM and The Dept Of Interior to stop ALL round ups, and release ALL wild horses currently being held against their will in encampments that waste the taxpayer money. 30 years ago the people spoke and voted into law a bill to protect the wild horses and burros of the South West.... But you have ignored these laws for the sake of your special interests.
We the people will no longer stand by and allow The BLM to destroy these beautiful animals as well as ignore laws to benefit themselves and special interest groups.
We demand you return these great symbols of the true America to their natural state and legally protected ranges now!
Please stop the slaughter and shipment of one of the last great symbols of American freedom and spirit! Return the wild horses to their homes now!

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