Restoring Integrity and Justice to All courts of Australia-Senate Petition 1A

Restoring Integrity and Justice to All courts of Australia-Senate Petition 1A

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Why this petition matters

Started by Semma Donna

Restoring Integrity and Justice to all courts of Australia

Senate Petition 1A

This Petition 1A was prepared by The Federal Court Action Group of Australia and seek
to restore grassroots democracy and Rule of Law to We The People of the 
Commonwealth of Australia by declaring the Laws that do so in the form of Oaths that 
need to be taken by our Public Servants, such as Senators and those in Parliament and all 
Judges and Magistrates, thus holding them to account and restoring and protecting our 
God-Given Rights.

We the people of Australia have a vital interest in re-establishing certainty of property 
ownership, judicial justice, and the protection of our civil and political rights. Without a 
Grass Roots outlet for political dissatisfaction and a fair go for us Aussies, a Revolution is
Over a million people diligently and peacefully protested in Canberra before this Federal 
election. These people need their voices heard. Yes, the tin-eared government was ended, 
May 21st, 2022 and suffered huge casualties but that is only the beginning of restoring 
justice and integrity to our country, especially to our illegitimate judicial system.
The problem we have today in Australia is that a small percentage of people, in effect, 
comprising of no more than approximately point two five percent (0.25%) of the 
population rule over all of us.
They have not accepted the authority of our elected representatives in the Parliament of 
the Commonwealth to make binding laws for us, because in 1873 certain people had the 
Parliament of the United Kingdom strip of the other highly educated minority, the clergy, 
and Justices of the Peace and Public Notaries of power to make judgments because they 
DID comply with the Magna Carta. 
We at the Federal Court Action Group of Australia have prepared this petition and ask for
your signature and support as we unite in one voice, We The Informed People of 
Australia, wish for our Judicial Servants and those working for We The People in The 
Australian Parliament to take this Oath, The Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath
) (1688) thus restoring integrity to our systems and we are making it clear that We The 
People will not be arbitrarily governed by an exclusive “members only” club that has 
been created out of the legal profession, truly this is absolutely alien to what we know as 
true democracy. 
The declaration of the stated Imperial Acts together with the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 
(Coronation Oath ) (1688) Magna Carta and Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 
Act 1900 ( Imp) the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth), Judiciary Act 1903, Crimes Act 
1914 (Cth), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Criminal Code Act 
1995 will benefit We The People/every member of the Commonwealth of Australia, and 
save/restore our freedoms from this current unlawful erosion of The Rule of Law and the 
lack of Separation of powers between Church and State. Currently, we are close to 
existing as nothing short of Slaves in our own county and if this petition is not passed it 
will result in the continued erosion of our God-given Rights and further enslavement of 
We The Informed People of Australia/Terra Australis. 
The Senate has the power to grant us this wish. 
If this petition is accepted and acted upon, the superiority of the Commonwealth of 
Australia over the individual States and the freedoms of all Australians will be enhanced 
mightily. Proper Local Government with Local Courts can be established in every Parish 
and County(as declared on our land titles) with either a trusted Justice of the Peace or 
Clergyman presiding with a jury of We The People, to exercise the judicial power of the 
Commonwealth which comes from the Sovereign will ensure that organised crime is 
wiped out and replaced with the Rule of Law everywhere. Local people will be able to 
have child molesters, human trafficking, drug dealers, victims of crime, judicial 
corruption and any excesses by local governments or Police stopped absolutely. The 
Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) came from the Glorious 
This will be the Glorious Revolution of 2022 if we get this petition accepted and will 
clearly expose those who are really working for WE THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA. 
May God Restore Our God-given Rights, Rule of Law and Bless our heartfelt
endeavours to restore integrity to every court system in Australia.
Bless You for signing and participating in this Glorious Revolution of Restoring Justice to
We the People of The Commonwealth of Australia 
Please Have Mercy on us God for we have not known what we have been doing, 

_________END PREAMBLE_________

Petition 1A prepared by The Federal Court Action Group of Australia
To the Honourable President of the Senate and members of the Senate in 
Parliament assembled:
The petition of the undersigned shows: That the condition precedent upon 
the taking of the Oath in the Schedule to the Constitution of the 
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 which is the 
Coronation Oath 1688 (1 Will and Mary C 6 ) taken by whomsoever is in 
Office as Sovereign, is not presently easily found in the Commonwealth 
laws, and this omission has led to widespread and systematic corruption
in certain areas of the administration of the Commonwealth 
Government that can be remedied by the Senate under S 53 Constitution
by its adoption as a Declaration. 
Your petitioners ask that the Senate: Declare that this law as made by the 
Parliament of the United Kingdom was received and came to the Australian Land 
Mass with the Australian Courts Act 1828 (Imp) as declared in S 11 Australia Act 
1986 and that both the Coronation Oath 1688 ( 1 Will and Mary C 6 ) as 
reproduced below and the two clauses of the Magna Carta be declared as Laws 
of the Commonwealth: 

The Statute is 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) and may be found in 
Halsburys Statutes of England Vol 4 Constitutional law. Section 3. 
Will you solemnly promise and sweare to governe the people of this kingdome of 
England and the dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parlyament 
agreed on and the laws and customs of the same? 
The King or Queen shall say: I solemnly promise soe to doe.
Archbishop or bishop, 
Will you to your power cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all your 
King and Queene
I will 
Will you to the utmost of your power maintaine the laws of God the true profession of the
 and the Protestant reformed religion established by law? and will you preserve to the bishops and clergy of this realm and to the churches committed to their charge all 
such rights and privileges as by law doe or shall appertaine unto them or any of them. 
King and Queen
All this I promise to doe. 
After this the King and Queen laying His and Her hand on the Holy Gospells shall say,
King and Queene
The things which I have here promised I will performe and keep, 
Soe Help me God.
Then the King and Queene shall kiss the booke. 
Magna Carta 1297 Statute 
Clause 14: [14] A Freeman shall not be amerced2
 for a small fault, but after the manner of
the fault3
; and for a great fault after the greatness thereof, saving to him his contenement4
and a Merchant likewise, saving to him his Merchandise; and any other's villain than ours
shall be likewise amerced, saving his wainage, if he falls into our5
 mercy. And none of the
said amerciaments shall be assessed, but by the oath of honest and lawful men of the 
. Earls and Barons shall not be amerced but by their Peers, and after the manner 
of their offence. No man of the Church shall be amerced after the quantity of his spiritual 
Benefice, but after his Lay-tenement, and after the quantity of his offence. 
Clause 29: [29] No Freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or be disseised7
 of his 
Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise 
destroyed; nor will we8
 pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful Judgment9
 of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land10. We 11will sell12 to no man, we will not deny13 or defer 
to any man either Justice14 or Right15

Your humble Petitioners pray that you will accede to our request;

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178 have signed. Let’s get to 200!