Change for Timmins Ontario

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To whom it may concern,

It has become apparent to many of us that the quality of the Timmins’ downtown core is on a downward trajectory. Most importantly, we are seeing lives at risk. Overdoses, physical and sexual assaults, theft, vandalism, addiction and other tragedies have become prevalent over the last few years. Furthermore, our businesses have been struggling to succeed given the current climate of the community.

Without delving into the causes of addiction and violent behavior, it is paramount to consider the need for professionals to support those individuals impacted. As a concerned citizen, I would like to propose MORE mental health resources, MORE drug addiction services and MORE outreach programs. I acknowledge that Timmins has been successful in providing some support, but it is becoming evident that the need has grown since the initiation of these services and the current structures need to be reevaluated.

We have all witnessed or heard horror stories of tragedies occurring in our streets and it’s time for a change. We need to stop placing the onus on Living Space to rectify all of the issues at hand. They are neither capable of addressing each and every concern nor are they responsible for all of the negative things we are experiencing in the downtown core. Shelter is a necessity for people and Living Space has successfully been addressing that need for numerous individuals; what we need is more than a shelter.

I’m not claiming to have expertise on this subject. I am just a Timmins local like many of you reading this and I do not want to see any more suffering. This letter is written with no intentions to blame, but rather, with a goal to create a potential movement for change. This effort is in its preliminary stages and I would like to open the lines of communication amongst the community members so that we can brainstorm improvements that can be made. I am hoping that this letter will reach the correct individual(s).

Please sign your name below if you agree that we need better drug rehabilitation, mental health facilities, and outreach programs for our community. Comment your ideas and share your thoughts. Let’s keep this space safe and positive by refraining from hateful speech including but not limited to: slander, racism, blame, etc. Once we reach a significant amount of signatures, I will present this to our council and mayor.

Mason Charbonneau