Residents against new Cessnock Gaol entry on residential streets

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With the proposed expansion of the Cessnock Correctional Centre, a new proposal is being considered and presented to the Cessnock Council by Justice NSW to consider a permanent alternate access point via Kerlew Street Nulkaba. 

This access point by visitors to the Correctional Centre will create further traffic in the Nulkaba area, where the proposed streets are not suitable for traffic other than local residential traffic.

The primary concern of local residents is the impact on the local Public School, with the main access roads surrounding the school and drawing traffic and prison visitors to the local streets. This causes concerns regarding the children in the area walking to and from school, the increased traffic in the area during pick up and set down periods, and for the safety of local children playing and enjoying free time in the area with other local children.

Statistics show that Nulkaba has one of the highest percentages of households with children in the local government area. Nulkaba Public School has grown rapidly in recent years and therefore the amount of children has increased.


These factors make it abundantly clear that the new proposed permanent entry in Kerlew street is unsuitable and should NOT be considered in the proposal.