Requires schools to make Monday a part of the school weekend

Requires schools to make Monday a part of the school weekend

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Started by Bulut Baser

Let's be honest, no one enjoys Mondays. After a relaxing weekend, no teenager or child wants to wake up on a Monday morning and return to school, ON A MONDAY. As a result, I'd like to make a change. What's one more day off when we already have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday? Here are the benefits and drawbacks if this happens.


1. Teachers' timetables become more flexible. Teachers say the four-day work week allows them to do more. They like the 4-day school calendar because of the additional flexibility it provides.

2. Employee recruitment is easier. Teachers' schedules are more flexible with 4-day school weeks, which makes their employment easier in a variety of ways. As a result, school districts have little trouble obtaining talented candidates.

3. Savings are made in school districts. To compensate for the time missed on the typical fifth day, the district adds 40 minutes to the 4-day school week plan. Some school districts claim to have saved more than a million dollars on utilities, providing transportation, and labour.

4. Increases student attendance. Rural areas report that their student attendance has increased since switching to the 4-day school week. Since many of the families in these areas run farms, it gives families extra time to get work done during the week. As a result, students don’t have to miss school to help out.


1. Having an extra day off and an extra long weekend can affect educational momentum. Teachers argue that certain at-risk or special needs students will have a tendency to forget what they have learned over the long weekend instead of retaining that information and forging forward the next week.

2. Rural families experience the greatest impacts from the 4-day school week. If a student lives an hour outside of town and have an 8am school bell to meet, then they’re on the bus at 7am. If school doesn’t get out until 4pm, then the student makes it home at 5pm. That’s two hours of lost time for farm chores, homework, or other responsibilities that rural families have more often than urban or suburban families

3. After-school jobs are a common way for teens to make money. Working a couple of hours after school gains experience and disposable income. The longer school days of a 4-day week make it almost impossible for teens to find a job after school. They just don’t have time to get everything done. They do have a full day free for a job in some instances, but trying to find work on the weekends only, especially in a rural community, is never a guarantee – unless you don’t mind working on a farm, that is.

4. Difficulties for families who work full time – Having to take care of their children on a Friday isn’t possible for a lot of families who work full time. This could mean an increase in costs associated with outside school hours care, babysitting, or other activities.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!