Stop Fake News sharing and posting on social media

Stop Fake News sharing and posting on social media

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susheel kumar started this petition to Request Supreme Court of india to take action on this

Riots and communal harmony is biggest problem in India and these are often created by fake news. If we see social media over 99% news are fake or altered to run a propaganda. Our teenage gang are joining social media but they don't have matured mind it is very important to stop people to post and shared fake news because these teenage gang can be easy targets. Just think about a situation when your 15 year old teenage girl join and then become victim of these fake news.

Many countries government is trying to build rules against fake news but our government is only leave this idea to the people. Here I can post several things where 100s of fake news was separated on the social media and then apologizes but the damaged was done already.

Government is aware from these fake news and time to time they keep deleting and keep banning social media see the case when the dispute over the jinna picture happen government ban the internet access in nearby location.

Let me show here some fake news

* Do you remember Pranab Mukherjee’s fake photo with RSS cap . I am sure you are in this fake viral news Pranab Mukherjee was shown wearing RSS cap and standing with RSS salute this was an edited fake news but it was a clear insult of our formal president.

* In 7 April 2018 Uttarakhand because of a fake news of rape around 15 shops was burnt.

Their are huge number of fake news are being separating in our society we must request government / supreme court to bring such law and stop.

Here I am adding my view on fake news

Question: What government can do to stop the fake news?

Suggestion : It is not good to cancel the journalism rights if someone found in fake news but we can make a rule that if some find that his news post was fake he should submit apology on Rs 100 Stamp paper to near by police station.

Question : How social media can stop the separation of fake news?

Suggestion: Social media must provide a button so that people can tag news as fake and if someone tag it should shows proper message and if more then 10-20 people fake social media platform own must remove these news.

Question: What if a politician separate lie?

Suggestion: We can make a rule that if a politician separate lies and when the realize they should organize a press confrere and then apologize submit 10 Lakh Rs fine or 1 year donation amount to the election commission of India

Here is some URL which shows the danger of fake news

Here some news about the fake viral posts


I request all of you kindly sign the signature and save our nation from being brainwashed.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!