Request for Cancellation of Rajasthan University exams

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This is a petition for humbly requesting the authorities to cancel the exams of the University of Rajasthan for all the years and for all the students due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Currently more than 5 lac students are enrolled and have to appear for the exams this year, and it is very difficult to appear in the exams as many students gather together at the center and it becomes difficult to maintain social distancing. Also many students are from outside the state and they are safe in their hometown and it is not safe for them to travel back to Jaipur/Rajasthan to appear for the exams and moreover currently there are no safe modes of transportation available for Interstate transport and there are no safe facilities for the interstate students to reside here in Jaipur for the process of examination.

Jaipur is currently a red zone area and there are many students who are stranded in difficult situations, and it is not possible for everyone to appear for the examination in June. 

This petition is made keeping in view the safety and health of all the students enrolled in the Rajasthan University, and it is a humble request to cancel all the remaining exams which were postponed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and pass the students accordingly. 

Thank you

Your Sincerely 

Students of Rajasthan University