Support Eddy Eddyto and reopen his case to appeal deportation

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Eddy Eddyto came to America several years ago to seek asylum after being attacked by Muslim extremists. Unfortunately, upon renewing his Visa he was directed to a fraudulent immigration attorney who misled him and eventually stole his life savings. After attending his first hearing to have his Visa renewed, Eddy was informed by his attorney that he did not need to attend his second hearing because he would go for him. Eddy’s attorney skipped the hearing and his case was closed. The battle to reopen his case began soon thereafter with a new attorney, but he has been denied each time, twice now, because of his association with his former attorney who is now in prison. In fact, the majority of immigrants associated with that same attorney have been deported.

Eddy married Cherie Tate, a U.S. citizen, almost five years ago and they have a four year old girl named Jadealynn and a baby due this month. Their marriage petition was approved in 2008 and Eddy has a work permit. Eddy currently works for Walmart as a support manager, and has been with the company for 3 years.

There are countless illegal immigrants in the U.S. who do not pay taxes and are swept under the rug. Eddy is not one of them. He pays his taxes like everyone else and is handling this legally through a court of law. Unfortunately, he is a victim of the system simply because he was directed to the wrong lawyer when he moved to this great country.

Eddy’s current attorney informed him the only way to get his case reopened is to gain support from a local congressman or senator. Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock’s office is helping, but if Eddy’s case is denied a third time there is a good chance he will get deported in February. We cannot let that happen.

If Eddy were to be deported his life would be in danger and he would be ripped away from his wife and children.

Please stand up for what is right and help Mr. Eddyto!

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