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The United States must show global leadership on the environment and development. The President's attendance at the Rio+20 conference will vastly increase its visibility and the potential for positive results.

Letter to
President of the United States
We need you.

I am calling on you to personally attend Rio+20, the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Doing so, you will vastly increase its visibility and potential. You will inspire a new generation and return our hope of a bright future.

The time is now to address the core issues affecting economic stability and the health of our homes, jobs, and families. Help me engage American support of healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and environmental responsibility. I represent Americans from across the country, as a part of the MobilizeUS! Campaign of the Human Impacts Institute.

Mr. President, lead us. It is now twenty years since the celebrated Earth Summit at Rio in 1992. Then, the world came together in an unprecedented way, agreeing to work toward preserving the environment and the dignity of the globe’s billions of citizens. The work has stalled, yet our challenges are ever growing. Show us your commitment to reversing this trend. Our best days can yet be in front of us, but we need cooperation, hard work, and, above all, leadership.

Rio+20 is a new opportunity. It is a chance to recommit ourselves to maintaining the world we want for ourselves and for our grandchildren. We can achieve this through support of strong local, national and international policies at Rio+20 and beyond. The United States can renew its role as a leader on the environment. For too long have we been its missing link. At Rio+20 we can reclaim this mantle by renewing our commitments and reinvigorating a stagnant process.

Now is the time for:

Building a Green Economy that enforces that polluters pay, goes beyond GDP to assess progress, supports industry that doesn't destroy resources we depend upon, and ensures efficiency and ethical frameworks in the production and consumption of goods and services;

Improving Global Governance through simplification of policy and policy-making processes, targeted and effective media and public outreach, policies that directly support on-the-ground actions, and inclusive decision-making that doesn’t leave communities behind; and

Commitments that Stick by setting targeted national and international monitoring, evaluation, and enforcement mechanisms for examining policy development and implementation at a national and global level in addressing the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation.
You are my President. Please represent me at Rio+20 and beyond. Nothing can be accomplished without leadership, and America is here to do it.

Thank you for your leadership.



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