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Repeal the "Stand Your Ground Law" for Trayvon Martin's unjust killing

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                                   The current Stand Your Ground Law of Florida State enables others to kill in self defense as well as defend themselves any way they see fit for survival. George Zimmerman, the defendant in this case, shot and killed an innocent 17-year-old boy when he was specifically told to stand down by a 911 operator on the night of February 26, 2012 at 7:15p.m. Trayvon was considered suspicious by Zimmerman all because he wore a hoody and was walking behind houses. Trayvon in fact feared for his life due to public records of his phone call that night with his friend Rachel Jeantel.


                                 The Stand Your Ground Law enabled George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch member, to act as an armed police officer and he took the law into his own hands. Zimmerman ignored orders from the 911 operator, who is by law a member of law enforcement, to wait until police arrived on the scene. By public record, it has been proven that the police arrived 2 minutes after Zimmerman's phone call. Had he listened, Trayvon Martin would still be alive today.


                                 It is also public record that George Zimmerman's father is a retired judge who knew the law. Zimmerman himself was in his final semester of law school majoring in criminal justice when he was arrested for this crime. This in fact brings all Americans to the conclusion that Zimmerman was aware of the Stand Your Ground Law and used it in his defense. How many more children are going to die because of it? How many more Americans are you going to allow to abuse this flawed right?



                             We are asking that you amend this law or many parents and children will not visit or reside in the state of Florida due to public safety reasons. We do not want to fear for the lives of our children and other loved ones as they go to a 7-eleven to purchase Arizona and Skittles. We want our children to be able to play in a park or spend time with friends outdoors without having to worry if they are being profiled due to their ethnicity or attire. Justice needs to be served. Neighborhood watch members or any other resident should only be allowed to carry Mace as a safety precaution. Law enforcement, soldiers and body guards of entrepreneurs/entertainers should be the ONLY people to carry automatic weapons. The Stand Your Ground Law should only apply if someone invades your home, you are a victim of domestic violence, rape, kidnap, etc. Gun control has been a growing issue within our community. This can and will happen again unless you take action.  We are losing too many of our children to these selfish acts of violence and we will not stand down.

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