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This petition is for moving towards repealing the FDA's 1985 MSM Blood Ban, which prevents all sexually active gay males from donating blood and vital organs for life.  This petition is in association with our upcoming feature documentary SAVE A LIFE.  Please visit our website to learn more about the project and our efforts to change this law at

It is stated that men having sex with other men is a High Risk behavior for contracting HIV/AIDS, when this is an issue that no longer holds merit and is severely outdated. We feel that there is no difference in a "gay" man or "straight" man/woman who engage in safe sexual activity. It is a bigotry that has gone overlooked, and an unnecessary segregation.

Labeling an entire community of people as, "HIGH RISK" for contracting HIV/AIDS, irresponsibly sentences them to feeling as if they are soon to be victims of something that they have no control over.

Please sign this petition to help us bring about the end to the FDA's 1985 MSM Blood Ban, and to allow all healthy gay men to do their part in helping to SAVE A LIFE.

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