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For nearly 20 Years, over 90 Native American Tribal Nations, most exclusively Tribes with Casinos, have abused & hid behind Sovereign Immunity to violate the Indian Civil Rights Act, Article 9 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Their own Tribal Constitutions, Treaties, & their Responsibility & Obligation to Protect the Rights of Their Citizens by orchestrating conspiracies to Disenroll & Banish over 10,000 of their Tribal Citizens. Exclusively targeted for Disenrollment are Deceased Ancestors & Elders in order to kick out their Descendants, entire families, from their Tribes & Homes with little to NO Condemnation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, Interior Secretaries including Secretary Deb Haaland, & their Colleagues in the National Congress of American Indians which those Tribal Nations are all members of.

Native American Elders who were born into & grew up in their Tribes long before Casinos are forced to provide proof of their Heritage as a right to belong despite their Accusers bringing forth NO supporting or corroborated evidence of their own to Dispute their Heritage, have their evidence ignored, denied the right to vote guaranteed to them in their Tribal Constitutional Rights during the proceedings, & Disenrolled anyways resulting in Trauma, Loss of Jobs, homes, Identity, Medical, & Educational benefits. 

Some Families, even after providing Indisputable Documentary Evidence & a letter of support from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, have been forced to make the decision to exhume their own Ancestors for a DNA Test for proof of Descendancy at the demand of the Tribal Council disputing their heritage, provide that proof, have that Evidence ignored along with their Documentary Evidence & BIA Support, & still be Disenrolled from their Tribe with no recourse or Condemnation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior, or National Congress of American Indians.

Disenrollment has bred nepotism, unfettered corruption & acts of violence carried out in retribution against it. This has been seen at Nooksack in Washington & Cedarville & Chukchansi in California.

On Behalf of the #StopDisenrollment campaign & The 10,000+ Disenrolled, we are asking that The US House Committee on Financial Services Investigate & Withhold ALL Federal Funding to Native American Tribal Nations who have Violated the Indian Civil Rights Act, Their Constitutions, Treaties & Obligation & Responsibility to Protect their Citizens to Wrongly Disenroll & Banish Deceased Ancestors, Elders, & Entire Families from their Tribes & Homes & continue to withhold those funds until they reinstate the Disenrolled & Bring them back home to the Tribes they rightfully belong.

Every Tribal Nation who has Disenrolled & Denied their Victim's Due Process Promised in their Tribal Constitutions, their Evidence, & Support from the Bureau of Indian Affairs have ALL denied money as the reason for Disenrollment & or used "correcting a Membership issue" as a defense. Yet Not one Tribe has waived their Sovereign Immunity to allow their Victims to Present their case & evidence in a Fair Court Hearing or setting.

If Disenrollment is not about money, then then Those Tribes should have NO problem or difficulty using the resulting increase of their Per Capita Payments & Revenue from their Casino Corporations to fund their Tribes, Projects & Programs.

Sovereignty is NOT Immunity to Condemnation or Sanctions. South Africa was a Sovereign Nation during Apartheid & was still Condemned & Sanctioned by the US Government & Other Nations.

Committee Chair Rep. Maxine Waters & The US House Committee on Financial Services have the power & authority to withhold Federal Funding to Native American Tribes who Violate their Tribal Constitutional & Treaty Obligations & have threatened to do so recently in regards to Tribes for their treatment of Freedmen & the dispute of their Citizenship Rights.

With your help we can resolve the Disenrollment Epidemic that has destroyed the lives of Thousands of Native American Elders & their Families. Bring Healing to the Spirits of our Disenrolled Ancestors, Elders who Have Walked On, Elders who are Still with us, prevent Damage & Trauma it brings to Our Communities, Our People, Our Children, & to Protect Generations to come. 




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