Restart Ontario schools normally in September instead of every other day- or make optional

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Since March 2020, our children have been the group to suffer the most from isolation. The province proposes to reopen schools in September, but at a maximum of 15 students per class- which means that most schools will only be able to accommodate for students to attend schools only every other day. That isn’t acceptable in light of the fact that children have already lost much time in school and are likely behind in learning already. To impose every other day only attendance would lead to many problems, as noted above- it would also demand that most parents be home to tend their children on every alternate day when the child is home. It is an improbable thing at best since most full time workers cannot afford to take every other day off. Families with rural internet also face extreme issues. 

School must be made non-mandatory to those parents who feel they aren’t ready to send their children back to school- but for the vast majority who does want to send them back-our children need structure and they need more from the education system than school every other day. 

as we are seeing the entire province reopen- it seems unjust to make that our children be once again the group whose needs are not taken care of- the group that falls behind again. 

please join me in showing our premier Doug Ford and our minister of education Stephen Lecce that Ontarian parents know what’s best for their kids. Let us Make the choice to send them back full time, and also make it possible for those who desire to keep their kids home