Reopen Mersey Community Hospital ED To 24/7 Service

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The Mersey Community Hospital (MCH), has long been under attack by the Tasmanian state government with services eroded at every opportunity.

The latest casualty is the MCH Emergency department, shut down by government decision making during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A functioning 24/7 emergency department is the heart of a hospital. Without A&E a hospital is not a hospital.

We must ensure the government do not use this crisis to further their long held goal of shutting the Mersey completely by not resuming A&E services.

MCH and its predecessors have served the Tasmanian community with timely, safe and high quality services for over 120 years.

In 2017/18 across its large catchment area the Mersey dealt with:

  • 28,464 emergency presentations.
  • 10,735 inpatient admissions.
  • 31,102 outpatient visits and conducted 5,025 operations.

Despite it's solid relationship with the local community MCH attracts open contempt from the Tasmanian government.

Medical staffing is largely restricted to locums, despite requests from doctors for permanent contracts to stay here.

This over-reliance upon locums during this pandemic caused a lack of staff and forced reduction of MCH emergency department operating hours.

The decision to contaminate remaining staff at the MCH by sending them into an outbreak completed the job, completely closing Mersey's A&E.

We are hearing plenty about Burnie's hospitals and reinstatement of services there but no mention of Mersey Emergency Department getting back online.

Do not let the Tasmanian government use this crisis to shut down our beloved Mersey Emergency department for good!

Insist upon an iron clad guarantee that Mersey A&E will return to normal operations and provide a firm timeline and plan of when and how that will happen!

Demand the government prevent future closures of MCH by ending reliance upon locums and offering permanent positions for medical staff going forward!

Sign this petition to reopen the Mersey Community Hospital Emergency Department!