Remove toxic @Tizzyent, @Modern_Warrior, @rx0rcist, and @AuntKaren0 from TikTok

Remove toxic @Tizzyent, @Modern_Warrior, @rx0rcist, and @AuntKaren0 from TikTok

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Why this petition matters

Started by Old Skewl Savage

TikTok has become an extremely toxic place due to a handful of creators with large followings. They are well known for bullying, doxxing, harrassment, and taking their disagreement beyond the social media platform into real peoples lives by encouraging raiding their employers reviews, sending emails and calling their employers to get them fired or reprimanded (they have in fact caused people to lose their livelihood), and publicly shame them on TikTok in front of their millions of followers collectively. They all are mutual's on TikTok and will even gang up on individuals they simply do not agree with.

The disagreement could be as simple as a joke, something they do not agree with politically (they all align with the same political party), something they think is offensive, or another creator that simply stitches one of their videos with a differing view. 

Their malice has no boundaries as they have attacked men, women, minorities, LGBTQ , and even minors under 18 on the social media platform. 

As of time of this petition there is a person in the hospital that attempted suicide from the bullying and harassment practices from individuals mentioned above. They have contacted child protective services on a parent, they have encouraged their followers to "bomb" their TikTok accounts with comments and reporting them so they will get banned from the site. They have caused an individual to have a nervous breakdown and bombard his business with negative reviews.

They use slang racial slurs that are aimed at a certain groups of people that moderators must not know what it means ( Its actually documented as a racial slur on websites)  but use it ad nauseum towards these people due to them getting away with it.

People have gotten tired of this toxic environment and it is time to cleanse the social media platform from the toxic behaviors these creators have created. 

We are highly doubtful that this petition will get TikTok's attention, but if anything it may get the attention of the creators and make them aware of how many people dislike the toxic atmosphere they are creating on the app. 

  • Lance Tsosie AKA @Modern_Warrior: Known for calling people racial slurs (nearly every video) and suggests white people should not reproduce. His followers will do his dirty work for him. Went after a 16 year old boy
  • R. Michael McWhorter AKA @Tizzyent: Known for encouraging his followers to raid other smaller creators comment sections and report their content. Went after a 12 year old girl and since she made her account private told his followers, especially the females to raid her 14 year old boyfriends account. Also has made jokes towards a female suggesting sexual assault.
  • Savannah Sparks AKA @rx0rcist: Notorious for doxxing people she agrees with by making videos with their real name (if not given) where they are from, all their other social media accounts, and where they work. Has been confirmed that she has gotten people fired from their jobs and has contacted other creators employers. Notably goes after men and anti-vaxxers
  • Denise Bradley AKA @auntkaren0: Notably went after the same 16 year old boy that Lance Tsosie (Modern Warrior). Accused the boy of calling her the "N word" and had proof he had called her that. During a Live where Denise was on his live accidently revealed that she in fact had no proof of this and that he never said the word at all. Everyone is a racist to Denise if you have a differing view than her. 

People on TikTok have recently started pushing back against these large creators and the toxicity they bring to the platform. A new hashtag has been created by another TikTok creator @realconservativeguy2.0 that gives a name to these creators collectively #WokeCaponeCrimeFamily 

1,352 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!