Remove the stigma that Pit Bull breeds are mean and violent. Laws need to be changed.

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Pit Bull breeds have been picked on for a long time. Delta is implementing a flight ban and pretty soon other airlines will follow suite. Apartments and homes for rent or purchase are putting restrictions on these breeds, making everyone scared to own or go near one. Dogs are mean when taught to be mean, just like humans. Dogs are better than humans in a lot of ways and help with any kind of disabilities. We need them as much as they need us. We need to stop this stigma that Pits are violent dogs when any animal just like any human can be violent. We need to put a stop to all laws regarding the banning of these breeds as to not hinder the dogs life and the owners life. People are becoming homeless because of these laws and that needs to change. All pets including pits are needed. We NEED the discrimination to stop and we need it done yesterday so please sign, share and spread the word that Pit Bulls are not the problem, it’s the owners for poor training. This needs to change and change now! I am almost homeless and have been evicted from place to place because of my pitty and I refuse to give him up or give up the fight to keep him with me. I need him, we all need them. Come on people ride this train as we do our part in saving many lives by turning this around. All pets deserve the rights to live in comfort like humans. Next step is changing them from being “ property”, a chair is property.  Pits are the most lovable, loyal and trustworthy and do not need this witch hunt. Join the fight. Let’s win!

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