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Remove State Attorney Angela Corey

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Stuart Faulks started this petition to Jennifer Carroll (Lt. Governor of Florida) and

Angela Corey should be held accountable for her actions as State Attorney of Florida, particularly with regard to the way in which she is going to the most unconscionable lengths to secure the conviction of twelve year old Cristian Fernandez.

Corey claimed in October of 2011 that "No one's ever talked about life in prison. The rumors are rampant about that" which is a lie, given the mandatory penalty for first degree murder in Florida is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. She added "I resent people who don't know anything about this case espousing opinions without knowing all of the facts and circumstances". The same could be said for Corey and her failure to be cognizant of the laws which she was elected to implement and adhere to.

This was further exemplified when in December of 2011, Corey boldy stated "In the juvenile system, we can only incarcerate or have him contained for not even two years..." which is yet another falsehood. The Southern Poverty Law Center redressed her ill informed statement thusly "Florida law grants the juvenile system broad discretion to handle the treatment and rehabilitation of children like Cristian, including the power to detain a child as long as necessary to protect public safety."

Corey’s predilection for trying juveniles in adult courts is well documented even though the process is flawed, with studies confirming as much. Stubbornly, she intends to have Crisitian tried in adult court on February 27, 2012. If convicted, Cristian will become the youngest person in the US to be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

In 2008, during a public debate at Ridgeview High School, Corey claimed to be "a single woman, who is proud to be a single woman, who loves all children". Unless that child can be used to her political advantage, obviously.

The treatment of Cristian by Corey, and her office, is, and has been, utterly appalling.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, Florida sends more juvenile offenders to adult prisons than any other state. In 2009, 393 juveniles entered adult prisons.

On March 23, Corey was appointed as a "special prosecutor" by Florida Governor Rick Scott to investigate the slaying of Trayvon Martin. On April 9, her recently hired publicist Jackelyn Barnard issued a press release stating that case will not go before a grand jury.

This was met with bewilderment by the general public who are wondering whether a charge will ever be brought against Trayvon's assailant, Robert Zimmerman.

On April 11, Corey brought a charge of second degree murder against Zimmerman, who is currently being held without bail in Seminole County Jail.

Angela Corey’s pro death penalty stance is also something of concern. On June 20 of 2011, U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez declared Florida's death penalty unconstitutional. Interestingly, Florida has the highest number of death sentence reversals in the US with 23. Illinois repealed the death penalty this year to become the fourth state in the last five years to put an end to what is not only an archaic practice but essentially state sanctioned murder. Nationwide, opposition to the death penalty has hit a 39 year high with 35% of people wanting it abolished.

These statistics, along with growing opposition to the death penalty, do not appear to faze Corey and this was exemplified by her reaction to a ruling handed down by Clay County Circuit Judge John Skinner this past February. Kenneth Ray McBride, 37, was convicted for the murder of Roberta Laws and the jury voted 8-4 in favour of McBride being executed. Corey did not prosecute the case personally yet felt compelled to try and intervene and push her pro death penalty stance, one which Judge Skinner clearly disagreed with.

Michael L. Radelet, from the University of Colorado, has documented that there have been 87 ‘Death-to-Life Overrides’ in Florida since 1992, a figure which would no doubt irritate the irascible Corey. 

Thankfully, a death sentence for 12 year old Cristian Fernandez is not an option. Sadly, a life sentence is.

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