Remove Passing State Standardized Tests As A Graduation Requirement

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It was another ordinary day of my senior year. I was looking forward to graduation, like thousands of other seniors at this time of the year. But after an enlightening discussion with my 48th District Representative Vandana Slatter, I learned about the thousands of students that will not be able to graduate and walk with their class because they have not passed the State Mandated End Of Course Exams for Biology, Math or English. After doing some research, I learned that most of these students come from low-income backgrounds, have special needs, are newly immigrated, follow IEPS, or are ELL students. Some meet graduation requirements but simply do not pass after taking the tests more than two times. Having these exams be a graduation requirement not only singles out minority and underprivileged students but it wastes millions of dollars of State education funding on a "Collection of Evidence" process. The House Education Committee has proposed a bill that would decouple the secondary school state mandated tests with graduation requirements. Please note that this bill does not get rid of the testing requirements, but simply removes the passing of these tests as a graduation requirement. This bill (HB 1046) has already passed the House unanimously with bipartisan support TWICE. It’s time that the state government is accountable for student’s secondary education without dragging down the students themselves. Everyone deserves an equal chance to graduate, and a standardized test meant to measure curriculum quality and student preparedness for college, not student graduation capabilities, should not dictate a student’s future. JOIN ME AND SUPPORT House Bill 1046. IF THIS BILL PASSES SOON, more than 3000 students can walk during their high school graduations this year (not to mention the thousands of students that would retroactively graduate from 2014 onwards). More than 40 students in my school district ALONE. That’s a big deal. Support your fellow students and sign this petition. Your support can be the difference between thousands of students being wrongfully held back or thousands of new ambitious high school graduates ready to change the world. If you are looking for other ways to get involved, make sure to give your State Senator a call and support HB 1046!!

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