Defund Evergreen State college

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 Evergreen State College, with its 98.7% acceptance rate, fails to meet even the most colloquial definition of "Higher" education in America. This University has, for some time now, allegedly stopped giving grades to students who attend courses in lieu of merely giving them "credit", they have adopted a 'for-profit' marketing mentality that is analogous to the economic decisions that created the financial crisis of 2008. Evergreen State College has focused its efforts on continuously bringing in more and more students into its institution for the purpose of obtaining more state and federal funding. Very few students who attend Evergreen State College graduated high school with the ability to understand chemistry, calculus, or physics intuitively.However, high school graduates who lack an understanding of the more employable STEM fields are pressured into entering higher education by majoring in "social justice": gender studies, communications, sociology etc. Despite the fact that these areas of study offer little to no improvement to the financial circumstances of these students, and incur a debt upon them. Evergreen State College receives more state and federal payments for the more students they accept, regardless of how unemployable their degree choice may be. Evergreen State College has been held to no accountability for the debt they occurred upon less fortunate students nor has it been held accountable for the debt they have occurred upon federal and state budgets. The low acceptance standards have been the primary causative agent of the recent videos surfacing online. These videos demonstrate that students at Evergreen State College cannot conduct themselves in a civilized manner and are in fact, a danger to both society and themselves. The videos show students displaying highly disturbing and disruptive behavior including but not limited to: Holding Professor Bret Weinstein hostage while harassing him, Holding Their College President George Sumner Bridges hostage and refusing to leave Mr. Bridges office after repeated requests to do so, harassing him and mocking him for having an alleged illness, allegedly assaulting other students, as well as harassing and holding numerous other faculty against their will.

In light of these events I would request that Evergreen State College receive no more federal and/or state funding as well as have their accreditation status revoked.


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