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I care about my friends and family who live in nearby Pennsylvania towns. An unstable individual who is calling for an armed revolt against our government is unfit to lead a police force. Take a look at Police Chief Mark Kessler's rage-filled moments:

"F*** all you libtards out there ... yous take it in the a**..." ... "I don't give a f*** what you say, so you can all go f*** yourselves. Period."

Letter to
Mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania Mary Lou Hannon
Please relieve Police Chief Mark Kessler of his post immediately.

Kessler is unfit to lead the police force of Gilberton, or any other force for that matter. His profanity-laced tirades, as seen in his youtube videos, are violent and marginalize anyone who doesn't agree with his conservative/libertarian viewpoints. He calls for a militia, or a "Constitutional Security Force" to take up arms to protect against Barack Obama, and John Kerry.

Kessler's inappropriate and violent fits hinder his ability to lead a politically neutral law enforcement agency.

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