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Release Rod MacDonald from V.A. Home, He is completely isolated and needs to be with his family!

My Dad has been warehoused in this state run facility over an hour from his home in Rockford, by his wife, who is 22 years younger than him. After begging his daughter to be released, she was told by an Attorney at The Advocacy and Guardianship Commission that he needed to put in writing that he was revoking her P.O.A. When his daughter helped him to do this, the V.A. home called the P.O.A and the police, who told his daughter to leave the premises or she would be arrested. His wife was able to revoke all visitation and phone calls from his children, and his friends, too - unless they have a "password". We had to take her to court in order to see or talk with our father. We had no contact with him for over a month. He was completely isolated from family and friends which uder the guidlines in the Senior Citizen Handbook is ABUSE. Jess said she "wanted him to acclimate to the facility". Like the way a dog does a cage, or an inmate his cell? For 9 months, even though the disease has progressed at an alarming rate, he maintains he doesn't want to be there. He is extremely depressed. He was sick and in isolation for 5 months and lost 50 pounds. The State Omnibudsman is supporting POA's wishes rather than being the advocate for my father. Dad's Human rights are being violated. He is there against his will and his wife refuses to bring him home! Now, by the court, he is deemed incompitant. We have been in court fighting for guardianship for 8 months and spending thousands of dollars, to no avail. Pease help us to bring this dear man home!

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