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On October 28th, 2010, two days after Regina's 20th birthday; ICE agents took her and her mother into custody. They were taken into custody because their Asylum case (a path to citizenship) was denied and they had a final order of removal. However their Asylum case is pending for a re-appeal when they were picked up. It had the potential to be reopened. Now they're being detained and were facing deportation. The 9th circuit has granted a temporary stay of removal since their case is pending. At the moment they're still being detained when ICE has no reason to hold them. Is this how America treats law abiding individuals that are doing the right thing? They pay taxes and follow the right steps to try to get citizenship. Why do we subject them to cruel and unusual punishment, and detain them among criminals in a Jail when they have done nothing wrong? So we the family are asking you to help sign the petition telling / asking them to release Regina Husman (A075-718-109) and her mother Eveline Rahardja (A075-718-107).

If they're not released, they will spend Christmas and New Years in the detention facility as they have done so already with Thanksgiving.

Letter to
Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton
Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
Representative Tony Cardenas
and 3 others
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
I am writing you to take immediate action in releasing Regina Husman (A075-718-109) and her Mother Eveline Rahardja (A075-718-107). They have an Asylum filed and is currently pending. They also have been granted a temporary stay of removal by the 9th circuit and are still being detained by ICE agents at the Santa Ana City Jail.

Regina was brought to the United States when she was just a minor, alongside her mother Eveline Rahardja. She quickly got situated in society and fell in love with education and all the little things in life. Upon graduating from Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel, California, she is now majoring Biology at Cal State University of Fullerton. She is a hard working student and full of life. Being an avid student, and studying biology it only made sense that she joined the CSUF Undergraduate Biology Club. In her first semester she was an officer, and her second she made Vice President; assuring she would make president the next. Since she was taken she had to withdraw from all her classes, which is unfair, as she had worked so hard throughout this semester. Her mother, Eveline Rahardja, is extremely giving and caring. She is an active member of their local church; helping with community and donating whenever and whatever she can. She also has another daughter, Tiffany Husman; which is a minor, but a United States Citizen. Tiffany already went through Thanksgiving without her parents, and let us hope she will not go through Christmas without her mom and older sister by her side.

Even when detained they're giving hope and raising spirits to other detainees who have done wrong. Regina and her mother received some money from family so they can purchase a calling card within the facility. Upon receiving money, they unselfishly shared it with other detainees whose families can't bare the financial burden. As you can see, Regina and her mother are caring and giving people wherever they are. So I please urge you to release them from the detention facility as they have been granted the temporary stay of removal and has a case pending for review.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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