Release @Channel4News women from their NDAs

Release @Channel4News women from their NDAs

9 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joeli Brearley

We all know Channel 4 News for its compelling journalism, speaking truth to power and calling out wrong doing. That’s why it’s devastating to hear allegations from women previously employed by Channel 4 News about gender pay discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

These women say they have been silenced by confidentiality clauses, otherwise known as non disclosure agreements. The testimonies from these women state that speaking out to bosses about what they faced ultimately ruined both their careers and their mental health. 

In my role leading campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed I hear so often how non disclosure agreements are used by employers to hide wrongdoing. They silence those who encounter severe discrimination and harassment in exchange for a payoff, and they ensure the perpetrator can never be exposed for their actions. Women are often bullied into signing them and feel they have no other option. That’s why I am speaking out for women who have been silenced and calling on the bosses of Channel 4 News to release women from these NDA’s.

When Deborah Turness the boss of ITN (which produces Channel 4 News) was at NBC News it emerged the organisation had used NDA’s to cover up a culture of harassment. But after pressure from the media and the public, NBC agreed to release all women from their NDA’s. We are asking for Deborah Turness to do the same at Channel 4 - and we need your help to keep the pressure on. 

NDA’s should never be used to silence women and to cover up a toxic culture. That’s why we’re calling on Channel 4 News (produced by ITN) to release all employees from their NDAs and to commit to only using NDAs in the future if an employee requests confidentiality on both sides. NDAs should not form part of a settlement agreement to hide misconduct. 

These gagging clauses only serve to protect the powerful and as reputable media organisations Channel 4 News and ITN must now show their dedication to a fair and safe workplace for all of their employees. The women who have been affected deserve the dignity of being able to talk openly about what happened to them without fear of reprisal. They deserve the dignity of being heard. 

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Signatures: 30,544Next Goal: 35,000
Support now


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