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Reject FY 2012 Budget's Anti-Wolf Rider and WY's wolf management plan

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We strongly oppose the US House FY2012 budget which contains US Rep. Lummis' wolf delisting rider. While we agree that our nation needs to live within its means, we are strongly opposed to a number of its provisions, including ideological and political provisions, that are well beyond the scope of funding legislation.

Specifically, U.S. Rep. Lummis (WY) inserted Sec. 119 into this bill which proposes to transfer the control of gray wolves to Wyoming and the Western Great Lakes states once the Dept. of the Interior and these states reach a successful agreement. At present, the proposed wolf-delisting agreement between the DOI and Wyoming is an unacceptable plan because it recklessly removes protections for gray wolves in a manner that will potentially unravel the scientific recovery of wolves across the region. If this wasn’t bad enough, Rep. Lummis’ rider prevents this proposed agreement from being subjected to judicial review.

We assert that judicial review is both important and necessary.  It provides a remedy for citizens to address government actions that are illegal and it provides government agencies with a more general incentive to listen to, and take seriously, the suggestions, perspective, and critiques of its constituents.

In addition, WY’s proposed wolf management plan is completely unacceptable because it fails to acknowledge the ecological importance of the wolves in the Rockies and it fails to preserve healthy and sustainable wolf populations throughout the state. In addition, wolves draw tourists who spend millions of dollars a year in Wyoming; the economic impact of the potential loss of revenue to the region could be catastrophic. Combined with the recent congressional delisting and hunting of wolves in Idaho and Montana, this plan threatens wolves’ very survival.

Gov. Mead's and Salazar’s plan is very similar to the plan the US Fish and Wildlife Service rejected a few years ago; if it wasn’t right then, then it isn’t right now. If President Obama is presented with FY2012 budget bill with the Lummis rider included, we fully expect and support his immediate veto of this bill.  We also expect US Fish and Wildlife Service to absolutely reject Wyoming's proposed wolf management plan.

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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