In the ‘60's hard working Midwestern families could invite family and friends over for weekly summer barbecues and still pay their kids' college tuition.  Not anymore.

From the ‘50's through the ‘70's, America's Middle Class grew.  Then, marginal tax rates on the richest Americans ranged from   70% to 91%.  Then, well paid CEO's of American-centric companies, who built real stuff, earned about 9x's what their mostly American field workers earned.  Not anymore.

For decades, America's uber-rich have funded foundations and K Street lobbyists to reframe and rewrite America's tax system.  Their wealth and influence tumbled their top marginal tax rate to 35%, which has allowed their effective tax rate (what they actually pay) to be about 16%.  Today, the too long inattentive to public policy middle class has trouble buying hot dogs, let alone throw steaks on the barbee, as it moves in mass into the lower class.

A fair tax policy is the foundation of a strong fiscal policy and smart public policy.  That's why you should sign People's Lobby's petition to move Congressional visionaries to introduce and pass the">Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA).  Without a more equitable tax structure, which built an educated middle class decades ago, America will continue expanding an uneducated and unaware lower class.

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America needs less national, family, college debt, unemployment, homelessness, collapsing infrastructure, dumbed-down fear mongering…

Our shrinking middle class does not have the wealth to rebuild a collapsing America. From 1970 – 2000, the bottom 90% saw their average incomes fall -0.1%, from $27,060 to $27,035. (In 2000 dollars, from Perfectly Legal by Johnston). The top .01%, or 13,400 households, saw their AVERAGE incomes rise 558%, from $3.6 to $23.9 million.

Continuing this will not rebuild the Middle Class and create an American Demand Driven economy.
Some in the top 2, 1, .1 and .01% income brackets have used their lobbying power to accumulate wealth and power more inequitable than the obscenely concentrated wealth that contributed to the last Great Depression.

Many of America’s rich have long been willing to pay more in taxes in order to strengthen the Middle Class. Now America’s mega rich must pay more to make ALL of America strong again – from which they will also prosper. Therefore, I am asking you to become an original sponsor, cosponsor, or supporter of People’s Lobby’s Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA). And why not use some of the revenues this generates to implement People's Lobby's American World Service Corps Congressional proposals. It a great way to put millions to work serving and growing smarter.

Please let me know whether you will be a supporter of the FTBRA.

Most of the CEOs of our large, concentrated financial institutions and hedge fund gamblers are among those OVER compensated annually with hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars, yet they pay a smaller effective percentage of their incomes in taxes than I do. I want Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA) actions, not a form letter’s dancing words, to be among the actions you pursue.

This hard working American voter looks forward to your reply. Thanks.

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