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Petitioning UN Secretary General and 2 others

Help Free Thai People from Tyrants and Restore a True Democracy

Thailand and her people have been suffering from the corrupt Thaksin regime for too long.  If it continues, the country will collapse.  There is no rule of law.  True democracy never exists.

Letter to
UN Secretary General
President Barack Obama
Representative Michael Turner
We are petitioning to the US President, the UN Secretary General, and Congressman Michael Turner for the following actions.

1) To realize that Yingluck Shinawatra’s government is an illegitimate and failed government

2) To demand Yingluck Shinawatra’s government and its supporters to respect human rights and stop using violence to the protesters

3) To demand Yingluck Shinawatra’s government to ensure that the police protect people without double standard practice and to capture the assassins who killed the protesters and those who physically assaulted the protesters immediately

4) To demand that Yingluck Shinawatra resign to avoid more violence and deaths and to allow the people to reform the country

5) To respect the rights of Thai people to reform their political system and the election process BEFORE their next election and to accept the fact that the election that brings corrupt politicians back to rule the country is an unwise process which makes a failed democracy

Supporting Facts & Reasons:
The Thai people have tolerated the corrupt governments of Thaksin regime for over 13 years. Now, they are rising up to end the Thaksin regime. Here are the summary of the facts and reasons we are petitioning for.

1) Illegitimate Government
Yingluck Shinawatra’s government has been under control or influence of Thaksin Shinawatra who is a fugitive residing outside of Thailand. This is evidenced by the issuance of the Amnesty Bill in November 2013. Yingluck Shinawatra’s government issued the Amnesty Bill to allow Thaksin to come home cleared from any corruption or criminal charges. In December 2013, following the Amnesty Bill, the cases were brought to the Constitutional Court. The Court ruled that Pheu Thai Party’s Members of Parliament and some other parties who supported the government have fraudulently amended the Constitution and cheated in the parliamentary voting process. The members of Thaksin regime’s Pheu Thai party publicly announced that they would not accept the Court’s ruling and threatened to press charges against the Constitution Court. By the rule of law, the principle of democracy, ethics and the accountability, this government became an illegitimate government.

2) Failed Government
During the ongoing three-month protest, the government tried to control the people by implementing various laws and regulations including the Security Act. It has also broadcasted distorted information to the public. In January 2014, the government issued the Emergency Decree where there was no fundamental reason of national security emergencies. The government, which has become a caretaker after dissolving the parliament in December 2013, signed the decree as a full-power government. The same time, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the demonstration by the people is lawful under the Constitution. On January 26, 2014, one of the protest leaders was shot and killed by a group of people who appeared to be the government supporters in a broad daylight in the capital and nine people were wounded. The police at a station nearby didn’t come out to stop the ongoing shootings. On January 28, 2014, the protesters were shot again, one injured. Since the beginning of this political demonstration in October 2013, there have been over 500 casualties and the government has not been able to capture any suspects. On the other hand, the people have never obeyed the laws the government imposed to control them. This proved that Yingluck Shinawatra’s government has become a failed government. The Thai people know an undeniable fact that Thaksin regime, Yingluck Shinawatra’s government, the police, and the Red Shirts are on the same side; they are in this vicious scheme together. Loads of evidences were found in many places where the Red Shirts violently attacked the protesters or anyone who thinks differently. Yet, the police have never shown genuine interest to stop it. In the recent shooting on January 28, 2014, the gunman was proven to be a policeman himself. Therefore, Yingluck Shinawatra’s government has never been a democratic government. Instead, it has become a failed government.

3) Yingluck Shinawatra to resign and allow major political reform before election
Yingluck Shinawatra’s government used the populist policy to help win the last election, one of which was the Rice Scheme. The government promised to buy rice from the farmers at the price 40-50% above the market price. After two years and 26 billion US dollars spent, the corruption charges are being pressed by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) against two Commerce ministers and other people involved. Yingluck Shinawatra, the president of the Rice Scheme committee, is currently under investigation.

This caretaker government failed to pay 4.3 billion US dollars to the farmers when due several months ago. They publicly announced that they had had a contract to sell the rice to the Chinese government, on Government-to-Government basis (G-to-G). The NACC ruled that the said Chinese party was actually a company set up in China and run by a group of Thais. There has been no G-to-G contract. The farmers were suffered from over debts when government failed to pay them. One died from stress. Three committed suicide. The rest are now protesting. The government tried to borrow money from Bank of Agriculture and Agricultures Co-operatives, Government Savings Bank, and private banks. But none are willing to lend due to risk to breach many laws. The NACC is also pressing charges against 308 Members of Parliament of the government’s side who voted to pass the unlawful amended Constitution.

These are just a summary of a few facts. Having been ruled by this tyrant government, people do not believe that an election under their power will be free and fair. In addition, the Constitution Section 108 states that the general election must be conducted on the same day in the whole Kingdom. Section 93 states that the parliament can be formed only when there are at least 95% of the Members of Parliament elected. However, at this upcoming election on February 2, 28 election districts did not register the candidates as a part of the election boycott. Therefore, it is against the Constitution to keep the general election process going. The election may be further ruled as invalid. The country is wasting 127 million US Dollars for this election, and it is not going to provide any solution to the country.

This is why the Thai people would like you to help demand Yingluck Shinawatra to resign and allow the people to put together their resources to major reform the political system before the next election. It is not that the Thai people want less democracy. They just want a true and smart democracy that will never allow the people and the country to become victims of tyrants again. The Thais will go to the polls after they set the new rules to prevent corrupt and mafia politicians getting in the system. Please respect their rights, do not simply say election represents democracy, and do not play international political game using their lives, their country for someone else’s benefits.

Thank you for your time, your understanding, and your help.
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