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John Boehner is the Republican Minority Leader in the US House of Rep.  He will be the new Majority Leader in the House with the Republican take over after the last recent election.

He has stated that he wants a "freeze" on hiring of all Govt employees.  Further, he wants a "freeze" on salaries of all G'ovt employees.  He stated "$150 thousand should be the cap.  Personally, I think that some people are making TOO MUCH MONEY".

Great!   I agree!   Glad to hear it.  Start with his OWN salary and that of all the "govt employees" in the US HOUSE and the SENATE and the PRES of the US!

These people do not need a salary.  They do not have to pay rent, groceries, utilities or any of the other bills the rest of us pay.

Their flight to DC every week is paid by us.  The return flight back to their HOME STATE/City is also paid for By the Taxpayer.  Their condo/hotel room, etc is paid by the taxpayer.. as well as all of their meals, transportation and anything else they need or want while in DC.

Therefore, Start with the HOUSE of REP and the SENATE and the PRES.

The U S Taxpayer will respect them a lot more.

They need to put their money where their mouth is!

Please sign below!

Thanks so much for your support!!!

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
John Boehner has stated that he wanted to put a proposal through the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVE that would put a "freeze" on hiring of all G'ovt employees. Further, he want to "freeze" existing employees of the federal gov't pay. He stated that anyone that makes over $150,000. is making too much money! He wants to cut salaries at the Pentagon.

We, the undersigned agree!

Start with the President of the United States, the SENATE and US HOUSE of Representatives.
No One there should be making over $150K per year. All of your services are paid for by the taxpayer. Your travel to Washington DC every week AND BACK is paid. Your place of residence while in DC, all your meals, transportation and everything you do is paid for by the US Taxpayer. Therefore, you really do not even NEED a salary. You have no expenses.

Please cut your OWN pay to $150K and then all other G'ovt employees can be cut next. We are in the Biggest Recession in United States History since the Great Depression in the 30's. By cutting the salaries of G'ovt employees, starting with your own, would show the American People that you truly do care and are willing to do "whatever it takes" to get the country back on track again.
In addition, the American people would respect you more. We know that you want this more than anything!

We appreciate your time and look forward to your immediate response letting us know WHEN we can expect this to go into effect.
Thanks so much!
The American Taxpayer.

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