Stop McDonalds drive through from being built into the Birkdale Fair carpark

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I have decided to change this post to make it clearer at what my intent for this petition is. I am not against development or McDonald's but what I am against is the impact this development will have on my house and my family. I am objecting to: the lights from the signs which will shine through my lounges and bedroom windows 24 hours a day, to the noise from the idling cars and the speakers which will be heard from inside and outside my house 24 hours a day, from the incease in traffic in and out of the carpark (of which the drive through traffic has to go over pedestrian crossing), the increase in noise at night from cars entering and leaving the drive through which we don't have currently, also the increase in people loitering/littering in the carpark which additionally will add noise, the increase in traffic in a small centre car park which is already congested,  the intent to chop down old large local trees to rearrange the car park, the fact that shoppers will be required to walk their children, prams and trolleys behind the shopping centre and across the drive through exit to get to the new car spaces,  that there are no existing safe spaces for our children to cross at the roads and shops considering there are multiple schools and a day care centre by the carpark,  there is significant potential for a negative impact on house prices for locals who live nearby. The residents in this area did not buy in an industrial area and should not have to contend with this inclusion directly in front of their houses. In addition, because the site is privately owned, public consultation is not required and objection can only be made on the code planning grounds . So if you feel as strongly as I do that this development is not wanted please also write to the Redland City Council and address your concerns based on the planning/code issues. Thank you for your support and sharing.