Remove Ellen Pao from her job as Reddit CEO

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Ellen Pao is bad at her job at reddit,

She worked for an investment firm, resigned, and is now the interim CEO of Reddit. She is now suing the firm for 16 million in lost wages due to sexual discrimination and harassment--she claims that she should have been promoted faster and received larger bonuses, but that she was victimized by a male-dominated culture at the firm (she was asked to record a meeting once, and the firm apparently held all-male outings every once in a while) and treated poorly, i.e. asked to resolve the situation herself, after sleeping with one of the male partners at the firm (the firm had no harassment/discrimination policy on the books). The firm's defense is that she was simply bad at her job. This is supported by her emails and by the obvious mishandling of one invested business account.

Buddy Fletcher is Pao's husband, a black hedge fund manager. I point out that he's black only because he has sued various properties three times over racial discrimination issues. In the last lawsuit, the property's lawyers discovered that Fletcher was running a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Now she is removing any posts about her self and her husband. We ask reddit to remove her from the CEO of reddit.

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