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Ban The_Donald from Reddit

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Reddit is a place for speech and that is well understood. However, Reddit has a set of specific rules that multiple past subreddits have been banned for. The_Donald although expressing their opinions and views have continued to break the site wide rules.  Users have continued to call on Admins for the enforcement of these rules on The_Donald yet the Admins have continued to allow them to break rules others would be punished for. We're calling on the Admins of Reddit to end this and ban The_Donald

One of their violations is vote manipulation. They have been called out countless times for using bots and/or alternate account to push votes. This vote manipulation allows The_Donald posts to spam and reach /r/all where they normally never would.

The_Donald has also participated in brigading not only the Reddit website but also other social media sites as well. This harassment has extended to some cases of doxxing and harassment on/off Reddit. 

Finally account of glorifying violence or insinuating violence has also came from this subreddit. Some of these examples come from the Charlottesville related threads, threads talking about violence against left leaning individuals or even political officials. 

We're calling on Reddit to end this obvious and continuos violation of the site rules.   

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