Stop Pet Shops claiming to be "Rescues" to sell sick dogs like Catwalk Pets in Barkingside

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Catwalk Pets in Barkingside, Ilford are claiming to be a rescue so they can continue selling dogs despite Lucy's Law now being in place. They are selling ex-breeding dogs as re-homes without carrying out essential medical care or doing sufficient home checks of new owners. They claim the dogs previously lived in kennels.

The owner of Catwalk Pets holds a breeding license from Redbridge Council at another premises. Puppies are advertised online under various different names with the same license number.

This pet shop had previously employed a shop manager exposed on BBC Watchdog for puppy farming.

Why would a rescue centre also be breeding dogs?

Why would a rescue centre not properly treat the dogs in their care?

Why would a rescue centre charge such extortionate re-home fees?

Why would a rescue centre sell puppies under false names online?

It beggars belief that Redbridge Council have continued to license Catwalk Pets despite numerous complaints over many years and concerns for animal welfare. 

We, the signees, request for

  1. Redbridge Council to review Catwalk Pets trading and breeding licenses with urgency. 
  2. Trading Standards and the Pet Advertising Advisory Group to review whether Catwalk Pets are legally permitted to sell dogs whilst claiming to be a rescue. 
  3. The RSPCA to investigate where the breeding dogs are being sourced from, by whom, the condition in which they are being kept, and the disregard for animal welfare when they are sold with severe health and behavioural issues commonly seen in ex-breeding dogs. 
  4. RCVS to investigate the local vet's involvement with Catwalk Pets and the insufficient health checks being issued for the dogs in their care.
  5. Any breaches of Lucy's Law to be investigated by authorities.
  6. HMRC to investigate whether Catwalk Pets are declaring all their earnings on the animals being sold.
  7. Any loopholes to Lucy's Law to be closed immediately by the government.

Read the story of Ickles the Shih-Tzu, an ex breeding dog sold by Catwalk Pets: The Daily Mirror Article

Send your customer stories to animal welfare organisations RSPCA & Cruelty Exposed

Complain to Redbridge Council:

Complain to Trading Standards:
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The following is from an article by writer Janetta Harvey:

"This is a pet shop. Not a rescue in any normally understood sense of the word. When the law changed in April banning the 3rd party sale of puppies, we were assured that loopholes had been dealt with. That rescues wouldn’t set up, that dealing in dogs under the guise of rescue would not happen under the new law - Lucy’s Law. Remember the attacks made on those charities which dared to say that without tackling the whole business, retail and rescue, nothing would change for the dogs?

This business didn’t miss a beat, those running it knew the law wouldn’t hinder the selling of dogs, even those with blatant health issues, which this business seems to make into a selling point - tapping into people’s kindness. Exploiting the compassion people feel towards sick animals. Dog dealers know what they are doing, they make it their business to, whether that’s selling puppies or their parents, the sale is all that matters to them.

Is this petshop working within the law? Presumably. The new law.
I would suggest that rather than driving attention and traffic (and potentially business) to them by commenting on their page, you take time today to report them to Trading Standards, get them looked into. Ask if this is allowed under the new regulations.

BUT, also ask the campaigners behind Lucy’s Law to put their weight behind your concerns and efforts to get this loophole closed. Or, if this is not a loophole, but a breach of the law, get them to explain that, so you, and they, can get action taken against this business. This is just one blatant and public example of the law in action, there will be many more going on which are not so obvious"