Stop the suspension of the Acting and Live Entertainment Major at Red Deer College

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Almost 8000 students consider Red Deer college their home away from home, many of whom spent thousands of dollars to pursue their chosen program and work towards a career that they love. A career that allows them to put food on the table, and take care of themselves and those they love, while serving and benefiting the community they live in. However the chance of this dream becoming a reality was abruptly taken away from a select portion of these students, Particularly those enrolled in the newly introduced Acting and Live Entertainment Production Major. These students were barely able to finish their first year of studies before being notified of the suspension of their program.  

All students that were enrolled in Red Deer College’s “Live Entertainment and Theatre Production and Acting Major”, were informed that the programs are now going to be suspended for 2020-2021. This means all actors that went to the college will not have a major that was promised for 4 years in order for them to receive a degree. They were told that some classes would be cut, but when the students brought the issue up to the school boards attention, they let them know that they were safe and that the program is too new to be cut. Little did they know that their programs would be cut first. Having actors in this school is a major advantage to all of Students in other Art programs. In 2018-2019, Red Deer College did not have an acting major enrolled within the school, and it made it very difficult to find actors within red deer at all. Once this program was made, everything worked out. The Film Production students could collaborate with acting students for their films, and the animation students had live actors to choose from for voice overs and visual references.

The program has had such a great start this year, and all students in the Arts relied heavily on each other for support and to benefit their majors. The teachers and current students have been working so hard to make this happen, just for it all to be taken away. The future of these students remains uncertain, many having to consider the harsh reality of possibly leaving the province to pursue their education. A possibility that is out of reach for many, due to financial stress and their families needing their support; especially during this very difficult time.

Please help us bring back the program we love, and that all students enrolled in the Arts consider to be essential. For many, it is their only hope in having a career they are passionate about.