Lower Tuition for Fall 2020 Red Deer College Students

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We, the undersigned students of Red Deer College, wholeheartedly believe that tuition should be lowered in the Fall 2020 semester.

With courses being online RDC's learning activities, assignments, evaluations, and examinations will take on a completely different form. For many, this means a worsened learning experience; it means no longer having access to a safe, reliable learning environment upon which so many students have come to depend from the college.

As a result of the high potential for a reduced quality of courses and content delivery, as well as the fact that many students' learning experience will suffer (with grades decreasing from previous years and mental health worsening without a consistent, in-person experience), the fall term tuition should be lowered.

The decision to move to online delivery is understandable in many ways. However, the majority of RDC's student body did not apply to the school with the knowledge that they would be taking online classes. As a result, accommodations in the form of a lowered tuition should be made.