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Recycle eveything. Most have out buckets where they pick up our cans, bottles, plastics and paper. I have two and they are filled everyweek. Everything that is recyclable is in there. Is it all recyclable? If not what isnt't and why not.

Then we have composts. If not, why are we not making soil?

What I get very angry about is when I see cloths, furniture, toys, and anything else that is in good working order. It is not so hard to take down to the local church, or resale shop. With furniture most places will pick up. One of my favorite is Hospice, their cause is wonderful and their resale items are very inexpensive.

I would like to thank the people who I got the London Fog Special Edition coat for a few dollars, the Levi Jeans for a $1, all those Clayborn, Anne Taylor, express, a bunch of Ralf Lauren sweat shirts (not a stain on one item) etc., all cloths I got for a few dollars. Some still have price tags. I will never walk into a mall or high priced store again.

I boycott Walmart and other places and items (the ones I am aware of) that are Anti-American. So I do not  have to worry about walking into them or buying). A bunch of us should get together and make a list and add to on an as needed basis.

I would also like to thank those that think about the needy. It has been a cold winter and there has been kids freezing to death when this is not necessary. My neighbors were throwing away two quilts, one was a babies. I brought them home and donated. I hope I saved a few kids from freezing to death, or at least kept them warm.

 I could not go out and afford new sweaters this year. Mine are in storage which I do not have access to (I owe money). I am very sick myself, I am on disablity and until a few weeks ago I was able to go out for short walks. Something happened and I can no longer get out other than doc. appts. My apartment is cold. I can not afford a large bill. I bought a quilt that has kept me warm. Without these resale shops I would be cold. I probably can get donations since I do have a small income. I buy what I need and sometimes a few things I don't. Candles, normally about $8 for .50 or .25. It goes for a great cause and any few pennies I can add makes someones day and mine too.

There is a saying "What is junk to you is a treasure to someone else." So true. I have found treasures. There is the flip side to thise type of recycling. You can give but also recieve.
Then you have "We The People" getting sick on waste water because "We The People" are flushing their prescriptions into the waste water. The government is saying we are getting sick on prescription medication because of what the people are flushing down their toilets. We are not supposed to be drinking waste water. States and the Federal Government has spent billions to have their waste water sent miles out to sea, into the desert, away from people. Do we ask about septic tanks? Are we getting recycled when we are not supposed to be?

Wendy B. Watson 

Letter to
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
We have our buckets, not through out the country. That is one issue they should be at every house and everyhouse should be using them.
Then we have what we put into our recyclable bins. Mine are full each week.
What is actually being recycled? We do not know everything that is recylcled.
Why do we not know this?
If it costs too much then let the greedy large corperations make their products in more cost effective recyclable containers. In the long run it would be more cost effective to beable to recycle their containers.
I also know that this would be better for Global Warming. Why is it not being promoted?

We also have compost to look at. We have problems with over use and chemically treated soil. I make my own compost yet you are against small farming. Would it not be helpful to the public in a cost effective way for people to grow their own organic veggie and herbs or does this goe against the very large greedy (I will not point fingers) corperations that do not want this and are paying a lot of money for this not to happen.

Then you blame "The People" for getting sick on prescription medication because it is getting flushed down the toilete. Is this being recycled? Why are we drinking waste? Their are States and The Federal Government that have paid billions of dollars to run pipe lines out miles into the sea, country, etc., so "The People" will not get waste water or have to smell it.. If we are not supposed to be drinking waste water then why are people getting sick on waste water because pharmacuticals are being flushed down the toiletes, waste water?

America is a country of waste. I see neigbors throwing away perfectly good cloths, baby items, furniture and other perfectly good working products.
There are so many poor and so many freezing to death and these items are going to waste in garbage piles. I saved two guilts my neighbors where throwing away. I hope I stopped someone from being to cold or freezing to death.
I go and buy (although I am disabled and can get vouchers for free items) all my cloths, blankets, etc. from these places. I pay a $1 for perfect jeans. I get high quality items, London Fog Speical Edition Coat, Liz Clayborn, Anne Taylor, etc. for a $1 to a few dollars. I get great kitchen ware, dishes, matching sets of glasses, blankets. I am on a limited income and I have high doctor bills. I can not afford to have heat on, so the Ralf Lauren sweat shirts and blankets have come in good use. We are having an unusually cold winter here in Florida. My winter cloths are in storage because I lost my house one week before I had my second surgery, in July, in seven months. I am behind in payments so I can not get into it to get my winter cloths and blankets and a few other things I need.
There is a dual benifit in recycling these items, everyone will benefit except the greedy large corperations.
I will never enter a mall or a high priced store again.
And being into Boycotting, Walmart among other store that import or a disgarce to America are off my list to shop at(at least the ones I know about).