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Stop the Lights in Manly Lagoon Reserve

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Manly Council have recently approved plans to install lights in Manly Lagoon Reserve without conducting ANY environmental or ecological studies on their potential impact.

Lights in the Reserve would be devastating to the delicate ecology of the native animals that live there – many of which are nocturnal, coming out only when the light and activity has died down for the day. The full impact of lights in the reserve could only be established from an in-depth, independent environmental study, which Manly Council has neglected to perform.

Manly Lagoon Reserve has been heritage listed as a 'reserve' because of it's native flora and fauna. We need to respect our wildlife and look after it - keeping our animals in their natural environment as much as possible. Animals such as the Tawny Frogmouth found in the reserve, only hunt at night and get blinded and disorientated by light.

The only reason Manly Council have provided for installing the lights is for cyclist safety. We would suggest that bike lights are a simple, cheap, and environmentally friendly alternative. The cost of the lighting project to the tax payers is estimated at $35,000 for the lamp posts alone. That is enough money for a lot of bicycle headlights! Furthermore, cyclists have the option to cycle down a road which runs parallel to Manly Lagoon and is lit up all night long.

The light from the lamps is by no means our only concern about the project. We believe that if the park were lit up at night time then this would encourage people to continue their parties in the reserve late into the evening, further disturbing the native fauna and their ability to hunt and forage for food.

PLEASE sign our petition and make Manly Council see sense. They are not only wasting money but putting the lives of our native wildlife at stake.

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