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Recognize July as Heterosexual Pride Month

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With the rise of other sexualities, we need to have a month of our own. We are being put down for being straight.

this is my personal story on why this is important to me. 

note that I am female)

When I was 11 (I think) I was looking through a magazine, I think it was People, I ran across this article about two ladies and that's pretty much when I first saw the G-word. It was basically "oh look it's a L couple that's fighting for rights and crap and this lady has cancer."
I really didn't simmer in that. I wasn't even a teenager yet.
Around that time when s-s marriage was made legal in 'Merica I saw a picture in a magazine of this huge pride celebration thing. Again, I was only bothered a little.
About a year passed and I got into a HUGE scrape with the "community". It was a flame war that lasted for months. It started when I saw an ignorant person's post on a website about some shooting. It got horrible after that. I eventually "apologized", but it was only to save myself for what was to come, and when the fight could really begin.
Half my school, like I said, is part of the "community". I'm about to become an 8th grader. The only friend of mine that identifies as not heterosexual doesn't hate me at all, and he even doesn't care that I'm a homophobe. But his friend does hate me, and she has said some pretty rude stuff about me, which my friend told me about. When my former friend in choir "came out" to the whole fifth period Intermediate choir, I cried until seventh period. I was about done with this whole not-hetero stuff. I cried myself to sleep at night, and eventually came out to my parents about my homophobia and transphobia.
Although I don't start high school until I'm done with 8th, during a choir concert this past school year I saw not one but TWO posters for a "support club" at the high school we were performing at. I'm pretty scared that once I get in high school I will be pressured and even hit on by other girls. I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a guy. (He's a very cool guy, we once had a funny conversation about the "community" being a little like the Nazis in WWII).
And the bad part is that rainbows are ruined for me.
I'm a Christian so obviously I know that God made the rainbow to keep his promise to Noah. Well, people definitely banged up the rainbow. Heck, I saw FOUR rainbow flags on my mission trip! I spent a good while crying and venting to my mission trip leader. Every time I see a rainbow, whether it's for the "community" or just for innocent purposes, I feel like I got hit right in the heart.
The ex-friend of mine that "came out" earned me ISS while she went unpunished! I didn't mind the ISS actually, the teacher was nice and it was more laid-back since it was the second to last day of school.
Either way, I do hope she gets what she deserves. But I'll let God handle that. Once, at the dentists' office, I was waiting to get my teeth done and started flipping through a magazine and ran across an article about a woman who had been a victim of some sort of sexual abuse as a child- and she's married to another lady! I think that things like that can drive you the wrong way- but even though I've been hurt and bullied, I've remained faithful and continued being attracted to guys.
I want to push a petition- to make July Heterosexual Pride Month. Do you think we could do that? To have our own month and resist the pull of the "community"?
I think so.


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