Arizona does not support SB1625

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To the great people of Arizona our rights are under attack. By signing this petition we are showing that we do not support SB-1625 nor the elected officials that have purposed it. SB-1625 is summarized as; Assault weapons; magazines; prohibition; registration. The proposal summary is as follows: Any person, corporation, or other entity, may not manufacturer, import, possess, purchase, sell or transfer any assault weapon or large capacity magazine. Current owners of the items detailed in the proposed legislation have 90 days to comply by either removing said items from the state, destroying them or by completing an annual registration of said items. Naturally there will be fees associated with this annual registration. Once you have successfully registered your "assault weapon" they only places you would be allowed to possess them would be, on a property that you own, while on the premise of licensed gun smith only for the purpose of a lawful repair, while engaged in the legal use of the weapon at a duly licensed firing range and while traveling between of the the location above. During traveling between the locations listed above, the assault weapon must be broke down and locked up.

Please read the details on this bill, I am leaving a lot of information out to save space and time. What I am gathering is that most firearms, with detachable magazines would fall under this bill. Ruger 10/22's would fall under this restriction to give an example of how out of hand this proposed bill is. Arizona has been historically a pro 2A state and lets keep it that way! We respect the United States Constitution and therefore our right to keep and bear arms. The freedom of speech is not limited to ten words neither should my rifle. The freedom of religion is not limited to ten believes and neither should my pistol. We have the right to remain silent and so should my firearm suppressor. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!!