Spread Awareness & Save Lesser Known Endagered Species Of India

Spread Awareness & Save Lesser Known Endagered Species Of India

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Started by Chitvvan Waraich
  • India is home to a wide range of wildlife & species. Some are better known than he others. Time is running out for these 10 endangered wildlife species in India.

Get to know and learn about them.
Climate change, deforestation, poaching and other man inflicted problems are resulting in less species today and the wildlife of India being in danger from completely being washed off.

Though the national animal the Tiger, Indian Elephant, Lion and the Rhino get a lot of the attention, there are still many other seriously endangered species in India that are poached and ignored, and are on the verge of disappearing.

The following are 10 lesser known Indian species that are in danger and require our help.

1. The Sangai

It also known as the dancing deer of Manipur, and it is one of the rarest animal species not just in India but in the whole world.
A good way to spot them is to take a boat ride on the lake in the Keibul Lamjao National Park.

2. The Lion Tailed Macaque

It inhabits the lushy canopied Western Ghats in Southwest India.
It had a striking unique look tail and a shiny black body and silverish fur. It is among the rarest and most threatened species of India.

3. Pangolin

This is a shy little creature with beady like eyes. It is one of the most poached animal. It is critically endangered and still largely ignored.
This prehistoric anteater is found throughout the Himalayan foothills and plains.

4. The Himalayan Wolf

Wolves are one of my favourite animals and also my main shamanic power animal spirt guide. I have a lot of adulation and respect for these species. I feel they are so misunderstood and so less is known about them.
The Himalayan Wolf are an ancient wolf species from the remote wilderness of the Himalayas. These light coloured wolves are one of the least known animals to humanns, until some studies have been done in recent times.
Sightings can be done in the valley of Himachal Pradesh.

5. Nilgiri Tahr

This is a sturdy goat antelope, it is found in high mountains of south India. It is also at the risk of extinction.

6. The Fishing Cat

This notorious cat is a swimming champ and is completely at home in the water. It is known to dive to catch its prey the fish.
It’s habitat is the mangroves forests of in the foothills of the Himalayas along Ganges river.

7. Dhole

These are tough predators and very efficient pack hunters. They can be found in the central and northwest parts of India. They are also called whistling dogs because of their high pitched cries.

8. The Snow Leopard

This breathtaking enigmatic king of the mountains are a magnificent sight to behold. They can be found in the Hemis National Park in Ladakh , you have to be very lucky to spot one.

9. Dugong

This large and plump marine animal is a vegetarian with short paddle like front flippers. They peaceful gaze on the sea grass in warm coastal waters of the Indian Ocean. They are also called the angels of the sea due to their gentleness.

10. The clouded leopard

Another species of the wild cats and leopards are the very beautiful and unique clouded leopards. These exclusive wild cat is named for its beautiful spotted coat, and is very shy and seen in the wild. It prefers to live on trees than on ground and that is why the spotting of it is very rare. They have the longest canine teeth. They can be found in the forested foothills of Arunachal Pradesh and the national park.

These are some of the lesser known species that also deserve to get our attention and are on the verge of getting extinct. Let’s stand up for them and speak up for them and do our bit to protect these species as well as the tigers and elephants.

1,076 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!