Save PMC account holders

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On 23rd September, 2019, PMC bank informed their account holders that the bank won't be operational for 6 months as it has been put under regularity restriction by RBI.

This restriction comes under section 35A which means account holders can't do any transaction till RBI relaxes the restrictions.

Account holders can withdraw only INR 1000 in 6 months. INR 1000 isn’t enough for 6 months during any medical emergency, marriage plans, education fees, EMIs, day-to-day expenses, etc.

Account holders have their FDs and savings locked in the bank and are now helpless.

Account holders’ hard-earned money is now trapped and no assurance has been given by RBI and Finance Minister as of now. And it's a very tough situation for PMC account holders.

We are now clueless about our own money and have no control over it. It's unfair for all the PMC account holders. With no clarity about what is going to happen next, it's currently difficult to survive with INR 1000 for 6 months.

This petition is a request to RBI, Finance Minister and the concerned authority to give us an assurance that our money will be safe and will be returned to us on immediate basis.

We further request to remove all the restrictions imposed on the withdrawal limits at the earliest.