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I find it insightful that on there is no classification for issues regarding our children.
That said, it certainly reflects the fact that in 1990 President Bush refused to sign the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child although Congress had approved doing so. We, along with Somalia, stand as the only countries in the world who have not ratified this declaration.
Nineteen years later, violence and abuse against children in the United States has escalated; from parents, teachers, wars, clergy, peers and by their own hands.
If nothing changes, we can expect greater devaluating of our children in the future.
It is time that the citizens of the United States demanded a new foundation for how children are viewed.

Letter to
Representative Xavier Becerra
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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President of the United States
Letter to President Obama and copied to my Representatives:

As a country whose foundation has been the value of people, there is no better foundation from which to reflect that view than in how we treat our children. Indeed, in some countries, the measurement as to have well the leadership is doing is the answer to the question, "How are the children?"

In 1990 the United States had the opportunity to stand tall among the world to say with power, "Our children are valued, protected, educated, feed and loved." With one voice, our elected leaders had made such a statement by approving the U. N. Rights of the Child Declaration and with one stroke of his pen, President Bush could had laid that foundation for all to see.

That did not happen.

President, recently, during a town meeting you took the time to take out your pen to assure that a young girl had a note excusing her from school stating, ".... she is with me."

Please take out your pen and in behalf of all of our children sign the U.N. Rights of the Child Delaration so that all of our children can know that "they are with you, with us", valued members of this country.

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